GALAHAD paper at OSA Digital Holography & 3D Imaging (Orlando, FL, USA)

GALAHAD will be represented at Digital Holography & 3-D Imaging (25-28 Jun-2018; Orlando, Florida, USA). Björn Kemper (WWU) will present the following paper on digital holographic microscopy (DHM) supported by the project: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 2018 DW3F.3. Enhanced Quantitative Imaging of Living Cells and Dissected Tissues Utilizing Multi-Spectral Digital Holographic Microscopy Björn Kemper; Alvaro Barroso; Lena… Read More »

GALAHAD newsletter #2

The second GALAHAD newsletter is available! This issue reports on the progress made in the project on spectrometer design at Ibsen, OCT image segmentation work at UPV and some thoughts on the prospects for glaucoma screening from the team at Glostrup Hospital. These newsletters will be issued twice a year and will report on the… Read More »

GALAHAD intro video online

A short video outlining the background to the project, and presenting an overview of GALAHAD is now available from the project website or on YouTube! Glaucoma – Advanced, LAbel-free High resolution Automated OCT Diagnostics

GALAHAD at Danish Optical Society

Dr. Patrick Bowen (NKT Photonics) gave a presentation to the annual DOPS (Danish Optical Society) conference 08-09 Nov-2017 at DTU (K. Lyngby, Denmark). This invited talk to around 40 people was entitled, “Detection of glaucoma using high-resolution OCT” and provided an overview of the project.

GALAHAD newsletter #1

The first GALAHAD newsletter is now available. This gives an overview of the motivation for the project and outlines the key elements of technology development. These newsletters will be issued twice a year and will report on the advances made in the project. Check back for future editions on the webpage!   Weblinks: GALAHAD newsletter… Read More »

GALAHAD intro presentation

A presentation on the background to the project is available for download. This will be updated with the results as the project proceeds.   Weblink:


A paper on GALAHAD will be presented at 2CCOCT (2nd Canterbury Conference on OCT), in the session on “OCT in Ophthalmology.” 06-08 Sep-2017; Canterbury, UK This three day conference will be dedicated to recent advances in measurement and imaging conditioned by progress in enlarging the spectrum of the optical source. The larger the bandwidth of the broadband optical… Read More »

GALAHAD project

The project started on 01-Dec-2016, with the kick-off meeting held 12-13 Dec-2016 at DTU. News items will be posted here as the project proceeds, so please check back or sign up for the feed!