GALAHAD workshop outline agenda

The outline agenda for the GALAHAD Workshop, to be held at the University of Muenster, Germany on FRI 15-Nov-2019, has been announced. Please see the webpage on the GALAHAD website. The topics will include hardware developments and system integration from the photonics partners, as well as medical analysis of the project implications from clinicians. The… Read More »

GALAHAD workshop

We will be holding a free workshop at WWU (Münster, Germany) on FRI 15-Nov-2019 to present the project results and demonstrate the new system. Please save the date! More info coming soon!

GALAHAD newsletter #5 released (Aug-2019)

The fifth GALAHAD newsletter (Aug-2019) has been released and is available from the website. It contains some updates on several aspects of the project: New ultra-broadband PM components Automated segmentation algorithm Imaging of human and rodent retinas

GALAHAD at World of Photonics 2019

Laser World of Photonics (24-27 Jun-2019; Munich, Germany) GALAHAD will have a booth at Laser World of Photonics (Hall B2 Booth 551) to display hardware from the project and answer any questions face-to-face. At the parallel European Conferences on Biomedical Optics (ECBO 2019) there will be two papers from WWU: Morphology and spatial refractive index… Read More »

GALAHAD newsletter #4 released (Feb-2019)

The fourth GALAHAD newsletter has been released (Feb-2019)! This edition contains information on: A new supercontinuum noise model for OCT imaging from DTU and NKT An update on GALAHAD system integration from Optos Numerical dispersion cancellation in OCT by DTU and NKT Comments on ethical requirements of GALAHAD data from Glos. Hospitals NHS Trust Any… Read More »

GALAHAD partner UPV at IDEAL 2018

GALAHAD partner UPV will have a strong presence at IDEAL 2018 (International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning; 21-23 Nov-2018; Madrid, Spain). This annual international conference focuses on emerging and challenging topics in intelligent data analysis, data mining and their associated learning systems and paradigms. Its core themes include: the big data challenges, machine… Read More »

GALAHAD newsletter #3 (Jun-2018)

The third GALAHAD newsletter has been released, which includes the following topics: • 3D tissue models for OCT from WWU • Breakthroughs in polarised supercontinuum sources from NKT Photonics • Record-breaking broadband components for OCT from G&H (Torquay) • A look-ahead to some upcoming GALAHAD-related events. More info is available on the website:

GALAHAD paper at OSA Digital Holography & 3D Imaging (Orlando, FL, USA)

GALAHAD will be represented at Digital Holography & 3-D Imaging (25-28 Jun-2018; Orlando, Florida, USA). Björn Kemper (WWU) will present the following paper on digital holographic microscopy (DHM) supported by the project: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 2018 DW3F.3. Enhanced Quantitative Imaging of Living Cells and Dissected Tissues Utilizing Multi-Spectral Digital Holographic Microscopy Björn Kemper; Alvaro Barroso; Lena… Read More »

GALAHAD newsletter #2

The second GALAHAD newsletter is available! This issue reports on the progress made in the project on spectrometer design at Ibsen, OCT image segmentation work at UPV and some thoughts on the prospects for glaucoma screening from the team at Glostrup Hospital. These newsletters will be issued twice a year and will report on the… Read More »

GALAHAD intro video online

A short video outlining the background to the project, and presenting an overview of GALAHAD is now available from the project website or on YouTube! Glaucoma – Advanced, LAbel-free High resolution Automated OCT Diagnostics