Journal papers

The value of ultra-high resolution OCT in dermatology – delineating the dermo-epidermal junction, capillaries in the dermal papillae and vellus hairs
N.M. Israelsen, M. Maria, M. Mogensen, S. Bojesen, M. Jensen, M. Hædersdal, A. Podoleanu, O. Bang
Biomedical Optics Express 9, p. 2240-2265 (May-2018)

Polarization noise places severe constraints on coherence of all-normal dispersion femtosecond supercontinuum generation
I.B. Gonzalo, R.D. Engelsholm, M.P. Sørensen, O. Bang
Scientific Reports 8, p. 6579 (Apr-2018)

Q-switch pumped supercontinuum for ultra-high resolution optical coherence tomography
Michael Maria, Ivan B. Gonzalo, Thomas Feuchter, Mark Denninger, Peter M. Moselund, Lasse Leick, Ole Bang And Adrian Podoleanu
Optics Letters 42, p. 4744-4747 (Nov-2017)